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International Women’s Day: Proud of what we do


Hello Everyone,

This week I am delighted to join our global celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD). The theme for 2018 is #PressforProgress which aims to keep women and men engaged around the global momentum striving for gender parity. Day by day around the world, progress is being made. So now more than ever we must all press forward and get the world to think, act and be gender inclusive. 

Diageo is already very proud to be the FTSE 100 company with the highest number of women at the most senior levels – alongside a soon to be 50% female Board of Directors, 40% of the executive leadership are women.

In April, Diageo’s board is poised to achieve full gender parity when Ursula Burns joins as a non-executive director. Our goal is to be the company women want to join and this is yet another step towards becoming a global best employer of women.

Diageo has committed to a target of 50% of our graduate intake to be women. We know the benefits of having a diverse workforce – a wide talent pool and multiple perspectives that help Diageo better understand our customers.

And, in living our purpose, we are positively impacting communities too. Through programmes like Plan W, Diageo is empowering women through learning. The plan has already empowered over 315,000 women through learning across 17 countries. Our Learning for Life programme is another example of how we are empowering young women and supporting their successful entry into areas such as bartending. Indeed, last year we saw the first female winner for World Class.

Diageo also supports a number of employee groups including the Spirited Women Network which operates in the UK, Ireland and North America – it focuses on many areas of particular interest to women such as flexible working, mentoring and assistance when returning from maternity leave.

For IWD 2018, Diageo Europe wanted to capture and showcase some of the great women working in our company, at many levels. This incredible celebration of our rich diversity across Europe was conceptualised by Beta Bajgart, a freelance photographer based in Dublin. We also worked with other local photographers. The end result is an amazing kaleidoscope of photos and personal pen stories of more than 50 women spanning England, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Russia, Greece, Germany and our EPM-MENA business.

We are hosting physical exhibitions of the photos in many of our Diageo Office locations this week and online exhibitions on Yammer and Mosaic. Look out for it as part of your celebrations.

We are also delighted that Beta’s work will be displayed in the ‘What’s She Doing Here? exhibition at the Little Museum in Dublin from April to June 2018.

I am looking forward to celebrating International Women’s Day on March 7 and I invite you to join the movement and continue to #pressforprogress.

Proud of what we do!

Andrea Vicenzo, Reserve Sales Manager
“When I was younger I wanted to be the best of all, now I want to reach the best version of myself”

Bárbara Carrasco, CP&A On Trade
“Hard work has rewards that make you feel really proud of yourself”

Federica Clerico, Innovation & Commercialization Manager Med Cluster
“You don’t need to have all the answers to get something done”

Georgie Smithwick, Senior Innovation Manager
“I put my heart and soul into things”

Graciela Gonzalez Caňete, Customer Service in II Poke Hawaiian, Madrid
“Never give up because if you persist, and with effort you achieve your goal”

Caroline Kennedy, Brand Change Lead
“The more I can do, the more I want to do”

Hattie Radcliffe, Head of Category Development Cash&Carry and Wholesale, Europe
“What do women bring to the workplace? The other half of the world”

Ivy Chen, Supply Chain Director, ISC & Europe
“Set your own definition of success, be bold, be brave and be yourself”

Dorien de Boer, CP&A Manager
“Be yourself, you’re right the way you are”

Dionne Baker, Senior Manager Europe Customer Marketing
“When overwhelmed go back to the start and complete one task at a time”

Deborah Maher, Dublin City Sales Manager
“Don’t stop at ‘no’ – nothing is impossible and you can be whatever you want to be”

Daria Bobrova, Corporate Communications Manager, Russia
“Do whatever you want to do; don’t limit yourself with traditional life paradigms”

Cyntia Lorena Gonzalez Caňete, Customer Service in II Poke Hawaiian, Madrid
“My biggest motivation is my work, because I can help my family and make a life out of it”

Cristina Niola, Customer Activation Manager Off Trade Reserve
“I simply worked hard and strongly believed in what I did. You’re the architect of your destiny.”

Conchi Allue, Field Sales Executive, On Trade
“I see my life as a mountain and I try to go further every day”

Christine L. Eriksen, Commercial Transformation Manager, Northern Europe
“I have become better at knowing what I can do, but even better at knowing what I cannot do”

Elena Fanelli, Credit & Account Receivable Manager
“You can be the ultimate owner of your success by being proactive, curious, open minded and never afraid of change”