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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I contact the Registrar?

Visit our Investor contacts page for full contact details. Our office is open between 8 am and 5.30 pm (GMT) Monday to Thursday and 8 am and 5 pm (GMT) Friday (excluding bank holidays).

What is the Share Portal and how do I register?

Our Share Portal is an easy way to manage your shareholding. You can manage your shares online and sign up for e-communications and cut the amount of paper we have to send you.

Visit to sign up. More information can be found on our Managing your shareholding page.

What is my unique investor code and where can I find it?

This is an 11-digit unique code, which identifies your shareholding. It can be found on your share certificate or dividend confirmation and is also known as a shareholder reference number.

How can I inform you of a change of address?

You can update your address online on our Share Portal by selecting Manage your account. Alternatively, you can complete a Change of Address Form and return it to the Diageo Registrar.

I have recently changed my name. How can I notify you?

You must send the Diageo Registrar a written request confirming the name(s), address and unique investor code that correspond with the shareholding. Notifications of a change of name must be accompanied by an original or a certified copy of the change of name deed (e.g. the marriage certificate).

It is not necessary for us to replace the share certificate following a change. However, we will replace the certificate(s) at your request.

How do I check a shareholding in Diageo?

You can register with our Share Portal to view details of your holding. Alternatively, please contact the Diageo Registrar quoting your full name and address and the 11-digit unique investor code reference number found on your share certificate or dividend confirmation.

Where are Diageo shares traded?

Diageo ordinary shares are listed and traded on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol DGE. Diageo ADS shares are listed and traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol DEO.

What is the company’s financial year end?

The financial year runs from 1 July through to 30 June each year.

When is the company AGM?

Visit our AGM page for more information.

How can I obtain an Annual Report?

Visit our Reporting centre to download the latest version of the Annual Report. If you would like a hard copy of the Annual Report, please contact the Diageo Registrar.

My relative has recently died. What steps do I need to take to notify you?

We require a sealed office copy of the Grant of Representation or Small Estates Indemnity form when available. Once the relevant document has been noted in our records, you can arrange to have the shares transferred into the executors' name(s) noted on our register. To transfer the shares into the beneficiaries’ names you are required to complete a Stock Transfer Form. If the shareholder was resident in the UK, further information can be found in our UK Bereavement Guide. For shareholders resident outside the UK, please contact the Diageo Registrar for more information.

I am not currently a Diageo shareholder but I would like to be added to your annual mailing list. Is this possible?

Yes. Please send your request to the Diageo Registrar confirming your full name and address and how many copies of our Annual Report you would like to receive.

Can I receive my shareholder documents electronically?

Yes. Log on to our Share Portal where you can indicate your communication preferences. You will be notified when we send out documents to shareholders and be directed to where you can pick up the documents electronically. From October 2016, you'll also be able to download your dividend confirmation online.

What is Diageo’s Stock Exchange Daily Official List (SEDOL) number?


Lost share certificate(s)

I have lost my share certificate. How do I get a replacement?

In order to replace any share certificate, you must sign a letter of indemnity against the original. By signing the letter of indemnity, you are agreeing to cover any financial losses which may arise if the original certificate is found and used to support a sale or transfer in the future.

To apply for a letter of indemnity, you must submit a written request confirming the name(s), address and unique investor code that correspond with the shareholding, together with the fee if applicable. We also require confirmation of the certificates you hold or confirmation if they are all missing. Please forward your request together with a cheque made payable to ‘Diageo plc’ to the Diageo Registrar.

Please note: if your registered address has changed within the last 12 months, we will also require evidence of occupancy in the form of an original utility bill less than six months old, along with a copy of a driving licence or passport certified as a true copy of the original by a professional body (e.g. solicitor, Chartered Accountant, Banker, Legal Secretary, etc.). This is industry practice and is required to prevent fraud.


When are dividends paid?

We normally pay two dividends per year – an interim dividend in April and the final dividend in October. The exact dates for each dividend are available on our Financial calendar.

Can I have my dividend paid directly to my UK bank account?

Yes. This is the simplest and most secure way to receive your dividend payment. You can sign up for this service online using our Share Portal by registering and selecting ‘Manage your account’. Alternatively, you can contact the Diageo Registrar by telephone or in writing.

Can I receive my dividend payments in another currency if I live outside of the UK?

Yes.  Diageo in partnership with Link, offer an International Payments Service in a number of countries, which facilitates the conversion of your dividend payment into the currency of your choice with payment sent by draft or electronically.  You can sign up for this service by logging onto our Share Portal. Visit for more information and terms and conditions.

I have lost my dividend cheque. How do I get a replacement?

Please send a signed instruction to the Diageo Registrar to request a replacement cheque. There may be a fee to pay for its replacement. If a fee is applicable, we will ask you to send us a cheque made payable to ‘Diageo plc’. Alternatively, we can deduct the fee from the value of the outstanding dividend payment(s) with your signed permission.

I need my dividend information for a tax return. Where can I find this information?

You can view this information on our Share Portal – select Your holding and then Register overview. If you need a duplicate dividend confirmation, you must submit your request in writing, confirming the name(s), address and unique investor code that correspond with the shareholding, together with the appropriate fee. Please forward your request together with a cheque made payable to ‘Diageo plc’ to the Diageo Registrar.

What is the rate of tax payable on my dividends?

On 6 April 2016, the 10% tax credit on UK dividends was replaced with an individual annual tax allowance of £5,000 across all dividend income. This change makes no difference to the net amount you receive as a dividend on your shares. Visit for more information.

We recommend speaking to an independent tax adviser if you are in any doubt about your own tax position.

Dividend reinvestment

Can I reinvest my dividend into buying new shares?

Yes, dividends can be reinvested under the Diageo Dividend Reinvestment Plan. Simply register with our Share Portal to manage your application online. Alternatively, contact the Diageo Registrar for a brochure and mandate form. Please note that the plan is not available to persons in the USA or to residents of the USA.

Historical information

Where can I find the Diageo share price on any given date?

You may be able to retrieve this information by using our share price history tool and selecting the relevant date. Alternatively, your stockbroker, bank or financial adviser will be able to provide you with this information. You can also obtain share prices from various websites, including the London Stock Exchange.

What were the terms of the merger of Grand Metropolitan plc and Guinness plc?

Shares were exchanged on 17 December 1997 on a one-for-one basis with no new share certificates issued – shareholders in former Guinness and former Grand Metropolitan held the same number of 25 pence shares in Diageo plc after the merger. However, on 31 January 1998, the Share Capital was reorganised to create new ordinary shares of 28,101/108 pence. For every 1,000 old Diageo ordinary shares, shareholders received 0.864 new ordinary shares and 0.136 B shares. Therefore, a shareholder with 1,000 old ordinary shares would have received 864 new ordinary shares and 136 B shares.

Are B shares valid?

No. If your B shares were not redeemed for cash prior to 1 August 1998, they were automatically converted into ordinary shares and a new ordinary share certificate issued to you at that time. The B share certificates were not recalled for cancellation.

Are Guinness/GrandMet share certificates still valid?

No. Guinness and Grand Metropolitan share certificates were replaced with a Diageo share certificate on 2 February 1998. If you are unable to find your Diageo share certificate and would like a replacement you must apply for a letter of indemnity.

Transferring ordinary shares

I would like to transfer shares to another individual. How do I go about this?

If you hold Diageo share certificates you should complete a Stock Transfer Form and return them to the Diageo Registrar together with your share certificate(s) for registration.

Please note: If you are resident in the Republic of Ireland, please complete the equivalent Republic of Ireland Stock Transfer Form.

I would like to transfer shares to more than one individual. How do I go about this?

You must complete one Stock Transfer Form for each individual transferee and return them to the Diageo Registrar together with the share certificate(s) for registration. Alternatively, if you would like to transfer shares to joint names, the name(s) of all transferees should be entered on one form.

I am unsure how to complete the Stock Transfer Forms. Where can I find assistance?

Step-by-step guidance notes are available on the Stock Transfer Form. Alternatively, you can contact the Diageo Registrar for more information.

Buying and selling ordinary shares

How do I buy/sell Diageo shares?

Link Asset Services offer an easy and secure online and telephone low cost share dealing service for Diageo shareholders resident in the UK, the EEA, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. 

Visit the Link Asset Services dealing website to find out more about this service.

I have a small number of shares I do not want to sell. How can I dispose of them?

The shares can be donated through the ShareGift initiative, which specialises in releasing funds tied up in small amounts of shares and donating the proceeds to charity. If you wish to make a gift of some or all of your Diageo shares to ShareGift, the share donation charity is the Orr Mackintosh Foundation, Registered Charity 1052686. Visit the ShareGift website to find out more about ShareGift and how to donate your shares.